Minor in Leadership Studies

The Minor in Leadership Studies is open to Mississippi State University students in all Colleges, Schools, and majors. It is designed to enhance any existing major. To facilitate adding a Minor in Leadership Studies, many courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the Minor in Leadership Studies normally may ALSO be used to fulfill the student’s major Department, College, or University Core Curriculum requirements. For instance, in many majors the CO 1003 Fundamentals of Public Speaking course can fulfill the oral communication requirement, and it can also be used as one of the courses to fulfill the requirements of the Minor in Leadership Studies, as long as the Leadership Studies Advisor in the student’s major Department and College has approved the Student’s Planning Form. Thus, for students in majors with little room for electives, judicious selection of the core courses in the Minor in Leadership Studies may simultaneously fulfill certain University Core Curriculum, College or School Core Curriculum, or Departmental Major requirements.

Entering freshmen may declare a Minor in Leadership Studies in the first semester by securing approval on the Student Planning Form. Qualified students, including incoming transfer students, may declare the minor during any subsequent semester. After the first semester of college, students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.00 or higher (including all course work taken, not just in the minor) to enter or remain in the minor. To graduate with a Minor in Leadership Studies, students must meet all course requirements on their approved Student Planning Form, must have overall GPAs of 2.00 or higher on all coursework attempted (not just the minor), and must have 2.50 or higher GPAs over all courses in the leadership minor. Students must earn grades of C or higher in each course applied to the Minor in Leadership Studies.

The Minor in Leadership Studies requires 19 hours of approved coursework, including at least one experiential internship component (EXL 1191). No more than two courses from the same academic Department may be applied to this minor. Each student will select one core course in each of three core areas: (1) Ethics, which are essential for any leader; (2) Social Science, which studies leadership directly and provides knowledge of direct relevance to leadership; and (3) Communication, which involves skills that are critically important for leaders. Each student will further select from the approved list, in consultation with his or her advisor, at least three more courses that facilitate the student’s goals. In unusual circumstances, deviations from the approved list of courses for the Minor in Leadership Studies may be allowed, but this requires a written justification by the student and approval by both the student’s Department and Dean’s Office on the Course Substitution Request Form. Course substitutions are rare and generally are discouraged.

Finally, to provide “real world” observation and experience, each student will take a 1 credit hour (48 contact hours during the semester) experiential internship (EXL 1191) that will be created in consultation with the Departmental Leadership Studies Advisor in the student’s major department and approved through the Dean/College Leadership Studies Advisor. Major departments will provide students guidance in the selection of such an experience. This internship must be planned and arranged well in advance (see the Internship Planning Form and the Internship Confirmation Form), and it can only be taken after 12 hours toward the Minor in Leadership Studies have already been completed. Grades will be assigned by the Departmental Leadership Studies Advisor in the student’s major department, after consultation with the internship provider (see the Internship Evaluation Form). The experiential internship course will be graded on a pass-fail (S-U) basis. The internship may be taken during any semester, break, or intersession during which it can be arranged. A second, 3 credit hour, 150 contact hour internship (EXL 1193) may be taken as one of the three elective courses in the minor if desired.

Students wishing to pursue a Minor in Leadership Studies should begin by discussing the possibility with their existing major advisor. Next, each academic department will have a designated Leadership Studies Advisor, and the student should fill out the required Student Planning Form in consultation with that Leadership Studies Advisor and secure his or her approval. If unsure who is the Departmental Leadership Advisor, students should ask the Department Head. Next, the Student Planning Form will be sent for final approval to the Dean/College Leadership Studies Advisor designated by the student’s Dean’s Office, and, once approved, it will be kept there for the purpose of degree audit. Upon graduation and successful completion of the minor, a designation “Minor in Leadership Studies” will be attached to the student’s official University transcript.

Questions about the Minor in Leadership Studies should be directed first to the student’s Departmental Leadership Studies Advisor and, if questions remain, to the Dean/College Leadership Studies Advisor designated by the student’s Dean’s Office. Any further issues or questions will be brought to the attention of the Provost’s Office, who may refer them to the standing committee on the Minor in Leadership Studies before rendering a final resolution.

Student Planning Form.

Approved Course List.

Course Substitution Request Form.

Internship Planning Form.

Internship Confirmation Form.

Internship Evaluation Form.

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